1 King Street West
Stoney Creek, ON


8am – 4pm
Monday to Friday

LAMA Preschool

LAMA Leaders

30 months to 3 years old
Full Day: 8:00am – 4:00pm

LAMA Leaders

30 months to 3 years old
Full Day: 8:00am – 4:00pm

program Highlights

  • Small Class sizes – 10 students with 2 teachers plus a Support team
  • Structured Day focused on literacy and mathematics fundamentals and core development
  • One on One learning sessions with personalized learning plans
  • Catered lunch and 2 snacks (Individually portioned, packaged and labelled)
  • Engaging, natural outdoor learning environment
  • Optional LAMA Late Care (6pm)

Children have a natural love of learning.  They are innately inquisitive, drawn to things that are new and different, and do not have the fear and reservations that we have as adults.   All of our programs are designed to harness this natural love of learning, while ensuring that it is directed towards the fundamentals in a creative and innovative way.

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Arrival and Dismissal Policy

Literacy And Mathematics Academy is unable to accept child care subsidies as the program, managed by the City of Hamilton, has been closed to new applicant schools since before LAMA’s founding.

The Daily Approach

Our students drive the learning, and our educators facilitate the experience!
Here are some highlights from our day:


Our morning starts with our teachers greeting their students and welcoming them into the school, helping them to hang up their belongings and join our LAMA Wake-Up Program. This program wakes up our bodies and gets us motivated and ready for learning! It culminates in our morning meeting, where we get our story mats, take a poll to check-in with our emotions, share some stories, and, then discuss the day ahead!


This is followed by our first outdoor learning block. We practice what we preach, and show our students that learning happens everywhere! Some of our student’s outdoor learning favourites are: scavenger hunts, chalk letter writing, alphabet soup or STEM fun with Mentos and soda or other messy and learning forward outdoor experiments!


When we transition indoors, we have our literacy or mathematics focused in-class block. During this same time, our students start their one on ones with the lead teacher. This is where they work on their individualized programs, designed to fit their personal learning goals, at their own pace.


Our afternoon starts with a nap or LAMA Cool Down program, which lets our little learners calm down, take in the day, reset their minds and prepare for the afternoon’s adventure! This is followed by another outdoor learning opportunity, before we return for our hands-on learning experience. Some student favourites have been creating our own habitats, personal Pinocchio dolls and mini novel study, role switch (where the students get to teach the teachers) or letter match.


To end our day, before we meet our parents and go home, we have an outdoor social to recap the day’s learning.

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