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LAMA Tutoring Programs

LAMA's 1-1 Tutoring Program

For students in Grades 1 to 12!

LAMA's 1-1 Tutoring Program

For students in Grades 1 to 12!

We are so much more than a tutoring program!

Literacy And Mathematics Academy has educational consultants that assess your child’s literacy and mathematics abilities, as well as determining their learning style and needs. Based on our assessment, The LAMA Team customize a program designed to help your child succeed.

Literacy And Mathematics Academy‘s team consists of experts, who provide all of the material and engage with your child in a way that supports their understanding and learning needs.

Effective tutoring is more than one on one instruction, it requires connection and understanding as key ingredients in the recipe for success! At Literacy And Mathematics Academy we make the fundamentals our focus, and ensure that our students have a stable foundation, upon which they can build their academic futures. Most importantly, you can trust that LAMA is committed to keeping the FUN in FUNdamentals, and by helping your child connect with the material, we ensure that they not only understand it, but they will retain it!

When it comes to our tutoring programs, just remember: L.A.M.A!



We make curriculum concepts and classroom learning accessible. Our team is able to pre-teach and re-teach the foundational concepts your child needs to improve their confidence and grades.


Our assessments identify gaps in your child’s learning, which form the basis of our next pillar. However, our assessments are not one and done. Our team is consistently assessing your child’s learning and adjusting the program to suit their needs. Remember: If your child cannot learn the way we teach, then we teach the way they learn and our assessments provide the base necessary to unlock their learning.


It may seem like magic when you notice the confidence and changes in your child, but this is what differentiated learning through one on one support is all about! We specialize in designing learning plans for students who require unique learning support, especially students with exceptionalities and IEPs.


We are supporting your child and advancing their skills, building their confidence and fostering their educational independence. Our goal is to teach them how to advocate for themselves, organize their materials, study, complete homework and ask questions. By giving them the tools to continue learning without support, we building lasting relationships with our LAMA families and trust with our students. That connection is what advances our student’s skills.

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